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Video games make up most of my time, followed by a dash of anime and comics. I'm not an interesting person.

Raptr Gamercard
Apr 18 '14

Day 7 - Favorite gaming couple

Don’t normally ship… Shepard and Garrus. 

Apr 18 '14
Tags: music
Apr 17 '14

Day 6 - Most annoying character

Merrill from Dragon Age 2.

Apr 16 '14


Nightcrawler by Rodolphe Guenoden.

Apr 16 '14

Day 5 - Gaming character most like or wish to be

Hmm… huh. Never put much thought into it. Defaulting to wish to be!

Altair, minus the assassinating aspect, or with the assassinating aspect. Can never decide.

Apr 15 '14

Day 4 - Gaming Gulity Pleasure

The Sims. Also, sadly, waiting on Sims 4.

Apr 14 '14

Day 3 - A Game that is Underrated

Capcom’s Okami. 

Was such a short game with an open ending ;-;. Wanted more, but the game didn’t turn enough profit. Also was very visually stunning and the soundtrack was nice.

Apr 13 '14

Day 2 - Favorite Character

Hard decision, but settled on Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect series.

Runners up would have been any of the main assassins from the Assassin’s Creed titles and any of the other alien squadmates from ME. :x

Apr 12 '14

Day 1- Very First Video Game

It’s a toss up between Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Apr 11 '14

Browsing FB I came across this image that seemed fun, so for the next 30 days are so expect things related to video games!

It’s the 30 Day Video Game Challenge!

Why are they called challenges though…?