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Video games make up most of my time, followed by a dash of anime and comics. I'm not an interesting person.

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Dec 2 '12


Illustration by Jace-Wallace

Nov 25 '12


(Source: cross-connect)

Sep 10 '12


I’m a little confused cause the OP of this post is artofanimation. The original post did have the source to the artist’s site and I guess it was just taken off but this entire photoset is comprised of edited art? They all have a slight filter to it? And one is even flipped. it’s just a bit weird.

(Source: theartofanimation)

Aug 1 '12



Western version of the Princess Mononoke characters.

San, Lady Eboshi, Ashitaka, Yakul, and the Forest Spirit.

Here are all of the character designs done for class! The assignment was to take a story and redesign the characters, changing the time period and style. I still have some more to do with the project even though class is over. Stay tuned :)

May 28 '12

“here’s looking at you, kid” by anatol knotek


“here’s looking at you, kid” by anatol knotek

Aug 11 '11

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. <3